We strongly encourage everyone to spay or neuter their pet. Every adopted pet from HARK is required to be spayed or neutered if they have not already been done. Though HARK does not offer the service of spaying or neutering, we often are aware of upcoming spay/neuter clinics (see our vet calendar for upcoming vet visits). Services offered by visiting veterinarians are subject to pricing at the veterinarians digression.

HARK strives to receive grants that allows us to offer financial assistance to those who need help paying for altering their pet. Please contact HARK for availability with this  assistance.

Spay & Neuter

please apply here and get on a list for future spay neuter clinics

FEES: Determined by the veterinarian

Every veterinarian that comes to Haines, and uses the HARK building, is their own practice and is separate from the HARK shelter. HARK has no vet under its employment currently.

*Application must be submitted to HARK prior to visiting any spay/neuter clinic that comes to Haines.