HARK is a no-kill animal shelter, meaning no animal is killed because it has been in the shelter “too long”.

HARK has certified euthanasia technicians on staff who can provide euthanasia services for our shelter animals or for owners whose animals have severe health or behavioral problems that greatly affect the animals “quality of life”. For those visiting our site for this reason, please feel free to call us with any of your questions. All of our staff are pet owners and understand how difficult and stressful this decision can be.


HARK would like to take this time to thank the ASPCA for the grant funds that enabled staff certifications.



We encourage owners of senior pets to stop by and pick up one of our End-of-Life information packets. It is designed to help you plan for the end of your pets story, how to deal with the grief, what your options are after your pet has passed and more.


Please read through our policy, link below.


The State of Alaska Disposal Fact Sheet:






If a critically ill or mortally wounded dog or cat is brought to HARK our shelter staff will make all reasonable effort to contact the owner prior to proceeding with euthanasia.